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1) “Human Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 (FGF-1): A New Treatment to Heal Diabetic Foot Ulcers”, Zhittya Medical Innovation Series, No. 001: September 12, 2014

2) “Healing Venous Ulcers with FGF-1: Positive Data from a U.S. Phase II Clinical Trial”, Zhittya Medical Innovation Series, No. 002: October 23, 2014

3) “Breakthrough Treatment of Severe Coronary Artery Disease with FGF-1: Results from Four Human Studies”, Zhittya Medical Innovation Series, No. 003: November 4, 2014

4) “The Future of Vascular Medicine: Angiogenesis. Clinical Evidence and Future Possibilities”, Zhittya Medical Innovation Series, No. 004: January 6, 2015

5) “A Unique Disease in Women:Small Vessel Disease of the Heart”, Zhittya Medical Innovation Series, No. 005: January 12, 2015

6) “FGF-1 to Treat Male Pattern Baldness”, Zhittya Medical Innovation Series, No. 007: December 20, 2016

7) “Stroke, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease: Vascular Disorders of the Brain”, Zhittya Medical Innovation Series, No. 008: January 8, 2017

8) “Breakthrough Treatment for Cancer: Targeting Phages that Have Been Programmed to Eradicate Malignant Tumors”, Zhittya Medical Innovation Series, No. 009: January 8, 2017

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White Papers

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